Discover the other side of Valencia

Discover the inland of the Valencian Region with SPAINISH. We take you to beautiful places, hardly known by tourists.  Ride a bike on the former railway of Ojos Negros, explore 'the land of contrasts' or follow 'El Camino del Cid'. Let's go hiking in the Mediterranean Jungle of Parque Natural Sierra de Espadán and Alto Palancia. Or take Spanish lessons in the mountains, combined with hiking excursions. get inspired by our videos and info below.



Learn Spanish


Cycle through history


on Vía Verde Ojos Negros , a former railway that cuts through the mountains.

(Available as a daytour from Valencia and 5 day cycling holiday)

Discover the land of contrasts between rice fields, organes and vinyards. Follow  Camino del Cid, across world heritage sites from the Middle Ages. Or balance on the edge on a mountainbike in Alto Palancia or Sierra de Espadán.


Or combine hiking and cycling in one journey.

Combining our routes, you can create a unique 15 days cycling holiday, starting and ending in Valencia.

Enjoy the silence

Join our hiking tour crossing Parque Natural Sierra de Espadán, a protected nature reserve that hardly anyone knows. Or discover the valleys of the river Palancia and Mijares. Walk from on village to the next, individually using GPS, or accompanied by our guide.  Stay in tipical Spanish villages like  Aín. Or a brand new ecohotel with superb panoramic views.

Learn Spanish in the mountains and/or or online

learn Spanish in the mountains. A special program combining clases and excursions and hikes in the Sierra de Espadán. Beginners are able to have a small conversation after a few days already. And of course we have an advanced program as well.

Or learn Spanish Online, using AVE Global, the program developed by Instituto Cervantes. We have a certified tutor AVE Global in our team.

Spain's most diverse city: Valencia

Medieval architecture against futuristic structures, 300 days of sunshine, and a nice and long sandy beach with lovely restaurants...

Extend your cycling or hiking holidays in Valencia.

From 36 euros per person per night in a 4 star hotel, breakfast included.


This tour takes you to the south of the province of Valencia, a land of contrasts; wine and oranges; olive and almond; rivers and sea; city and hamlets; rugged mountain and green valley; orchard and pine tree; modernity and history; religion and secularity, but above all, of sunshine and tradition. Feel the pulse of the region's great city, and step back in time to the echoes of lost ages and cultures as you step outside its walls. Your pedals will propel you gently into a world that few know or ever explore Check all details here. You can easily extend this tour on Via Verde or Camino del Cid, for up to 15 days of cycling fun.


VIA VERDE OJOS NEGROS is a bike trail on a former railroad, crossing the mountains. You'll pass old railway bridges, tunnels, and deserted stations. It's a ride through history, available as a DAYTOUR (mainly downhill, suited for almost any age) or a completely organised 5 DAY/4 NIGHTS CYCLING TOUR. including hotels and transportation of your luggage. You can extend this tour with extra nights in Valencia or combine it with our 'land of contrasts tour' or Camino del Cid'; up to 15 days of cycling fun.


PARQUE NATURAL SIERRA DE ESPADÁN is a lush nature reserve near Valencia, known for its cork oaks, red sandstone rocks, babbling brooks, a wide variety of aromatic plants, fruits and fascinating animals like eagles and all kind of reptiles.

Our guide is an expert on environment and nature,  'translates the landscape' and provides a picnic with local products.

Available as a DAY TOUR from Valencia and 3 DAYS/2 NIGHTS HIKING PACKAGES, which can easily be combined with our hiking package in ALTO PALANCIA or a citytrip to valencia.

The trail is named after a legendary conquerer (Rodrigo Díaz) and a classical work in Spanish literature . SPAINISH offers a bike tour crossing the provinces of Aragón, Castellón and Valencia. Hotels, bike rental and daily luggage transportation are included in this 5 DAY CYCLING TOUR. You can extend this tour with extra nights in Valencia or combine it with our 'land of contrasts tour' or Via Verde'; up to 10 or 15 days of cycling fun.

in the basin of these rivers you will find many marked trails for walking, cycling and mountain biking. In some places there are termale sources and places to swim or paddle amidst huge boulders and canyons. Choose a walking or cycling package and stay in the town of Jerica at a splendid B&B. One of them even has its own spa.

This package can easily be combined with a walking holiday in the Sierra de Espadán and a citytrip in Valencia.



Explore Alto Palancia and Sierra de Espadán on a mountainbike. In small groups, guided by an experienced tourleader, you'll discover every day a different area of these nature reserves. Admiring and respecting mother Nature. 5 days/7 nights in a bungalow, from 525 euro per person.


Walk in a few steps from the 21st century to Roman times. That is Valencia, a city of contrasts. Futuristic architecture across medieval buildings, modernist decoration versus modern design. luxury. And do not forget the kilometer-long sandy beach where you can stroll good and eat well. Combine your hiking or cycling with a break in best city in Spain! We have an affordable four-star hotel on sale, starting at 36 euros p.p.p.n. including breakfast!






Welcome to SPAINISH!

My name is Richard van Kruchten. I'm dutch and have been living for almost 10 years in Valencia now. I came here to improve my Spanish. Practising my language skills I met many Spanish friends. People who are proud of their culture and nature, willing to share it with you. Through my travel agency SPAINISH you can see and feel the Spain of Belén, Xavi, Chema and Jesús. They've been organizing cycling, hiking and culture tours for many years already. And they take you to places that have seen few foreign visitors.

Our approach is personal and tailor made. For groups we can create customized tours and language courses.


The name SPAINISH is a combination of SPAIN (your favourite destination), SPANISH (its  language) and AÍN (my favorite village in the heart of Parque Natural Sierra de Espadán).

Except for Aín and its surroundings, I can recommend Jerica, a town in the valley of the river Palancia. The perfect area for cycling or mountain biking.

Finally Valencia itself. The town has everything you need for the perfect holiday: 300 days of sunshine a year, a huge beach, a beautiful historic center, modern architecture and lots of great restaurants.



SPAINISH is registered at the Conselleria TuRISmo in Valencia under number CV-m1871-V.



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